The dark knight review

the dark knight review

Review: Film surpasses the hype - We've been subjected to enormous amounts of hype and marketing for the Dark Knight. We've seen Joker scavenger. Film review: The Dark Knight. Sukhdev Sandhu. AM BST 25 Jul Comments. The late Heath Ledger completely steals the show in this compellingly. By Todd Gilchrist It isn't an overstatement to call The Dark Knight the most sophisticated and ambitious work of its kind. Superior to all three. To begin with, it bites off such an absurdly large chunk of thematic meat that any possibility of chewing through it all is a write-off from the outset. It has been 3 years for the adventure to continue from Batman Begins but that entire wait was worth it. If there ever was an excellent Batman, this is it. I would not want to meet the Joker in a dark alley, and whatever you do, don't ask him how he got his smile, especially, when he has a knife in his hand. Let me say The Joker is awesome in this film. That's right i said it, overdosing on drugs is not a tragedy, it is a diservice to people who do die tragically to put a drug addicts death on the same level … Expand. The first film certainly hinted at this possibility, thrusting the hero and his alter-ego into a world where Wayne's frivolity was as despised as Batman's vigilantism. He gets inside your head with his stories of how he got his scars, makes you laugh at his sick jokes, then makes you instantly wonder why you're laughing. During the course of the film, a love triangle develops between Bruce Wayne, Dent and Rachel Dawes. Game of Thrones The new trailer analyzed shot-by-shot. Log in with Facebook. Ledger's performance has turned the Joker into a new iconic movie villain image. Public privacy versus state-sponsored security! The movie is long, but it went by so fast. Opinion Today's Opinion Op-Ed Columnists Editorials Contributing Writers Op-Ed Contributors Opinionator Letters Sunday Review Taking Note Room for Debate Public Editor Video: And I can safely say that he most definitely was. View all New York Times newsletters. Perfect directing, perfect story, perfect balance between action and drama, everything is perfect. Ledger's performance has turned the Joker into a new iconic movie villain image. The great triumph of The Dark Knight is that it manages for the first time ever in the history of the genre to transplant comic book theatrics into the real world and moreover, to examine precisely what it could mean if a pokerraum mieten decided to strap on forex demokonto super-suit and start attacking the world's criminals. Let's put a smile on that face! The Dark Knight Superhero movies Christopher Nolan Heath Ledger Christian Bale. This was so much more than a Batman film, this was so much more than a comic book film, The Dark Knight truly delivers with drama, action, romance, horror, dark humor, the study of a psychopathic killer, a detective story. I suspect they'll be in a minority. Lindsey Laya Maheshwari Patrick Z. the dark knight review

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